PCB 8051 Development Board

PCB 8051 Development Board
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8051 is a very popular microcontroller. This board gives you everything you want.

  • Support for entire 8051 series of microcontrollers
  • On Board 5V regulated power supply.
  • HD44780 character LCD module
  • KS0108 Based Graphic LCD Module
  • 8 LED indicators
  • I2C DS1307 Real time clock with battery backup
  • USART with MAX 232 level conversion
  • 5 Push switches
  • DS1820 One wire digital temperature sensor
  • 38KHz IR sensor
  • Darlington Output for heavy DC loads
  • 4x seven segment multiplexed displays
  • Buzzer
  • 2 channel 8 bit Analog to digital converter
  • All I-O lines available through port specified headers along with 5V supply.
  • All devices can be connected to pre-configured I-O lines or user can re-arrange them.

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