L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board

L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board
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This is a breakout board for driving DC motors. The board is based upon popular L293D IC that contains two H-Bridge circuits to drive two DC motors independently. You can also drive one Bipolar stepper motor with this driver.

The H-Bridge can accept an external DC power supply up to 30V and can power the motors up to 500mA continous current.

The Inputs from microcontroller are :

IN1, IN2 and E for each motor. A logic 1 on E will enable the H-Bridge and IN1 and IN2 will control the direction of motor rotation.

You can control the speed of motor by giving PWM on E pin.

IN1 IN2 Action
Controlling Motor
High Low Clock wise
Low High Counter Clock
High High Break
Low Low Break

Making E low will cause the motor to free run under inertia.

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